When you feel like a stranger to your own self

Take a break. Humans as we are, we get tired. We feel dejected. We feel lost. We feel burdened. We feel all sorts of ups and downs. ‘Cause feelings make us human, emotions make us mundane. I once looked at myself in the mirror and didn’t recognize the reflection. Before me was a girl, a young woman, with eyes filled with exhaustion and worry. Lost, … Continue reading When you feel like a stranger to your own self

Getting to know “gaslighting”

Gaslighting is known to be a manipulative behavior that can be dangerous to other people’s mental and emotional health. Sometimes, it is masked as a disagreement or a plain misunderstanding, but gaslighting can make you question about the validity of your feelings. It is important to learn what gaslighting is to protect yourself by creating a protective boundary against those who may try to take … Continue reading Getting to know “gaslighting”