When you feel like a stranger to your own self

Take a break.

Humans as we are, we get tired. We feel dejected. We feel lost. We feel burdened.

We feel all sorts of ups and downs.

‘Cause feelings make us human, emotions make us mundane.

I once looked at myself in the mirror and didn’t recognize the reflection. Before me was a girl, a young woman, with eyes filled with exhaustion and worry. Lost, she was. And the smile she used to wear was nowhere to be seen.

The staring took some time. My reflection became a stranger for I didn’t recognize me. I was a stranger to my own self.

They say change comes along with age, but the change before me wasn’t triggered by age.

It was the feeling of slowly losing one’s original self after being treated negatively by the surrounding world.

Have you ever felt like a stranger to your own self? Have you ever felt like your thoughts weren’t yours anymore? Have you ever questioned your feelings?

Have you questioned where was the old and original you?

I want to take a break without having any responsibilities weigh me down. I want to leave without having to worry about what I’m leaving behind. I want to go, and think about me and only me.

Do you want that too?

If you are feeling like a stranger to your own self, take some time off and hold on to what’s left of your original self. Take a break before it’s too late.

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