How I earned $500 on my over-the-weekend decluttering

Decluttering is the act of removing unnecessary items from a certain space or place.

If only I could tell you how much I spent during the pandemic over useless things or impulse buys, you’d probably tell me off for being such a squander.

The latest polaroid camera and an expensive film camera.

An ipad.

A reader.

A new phone.

A new laptop.

But it wasn’t until the start of 2022 that I realized that most of the things I bought are not of use to me anymore.

I got four recycled boxes and labeled them accordingly:

  • KEEP
  • SELL

It wasn’t easy at first. Looking around, I thought to myself, these things I have mean so much to me. There’s sentimental value in everything. How was I going to let one go?

I started in one corner and got to sorting. The 4-box segregation helped a lot.

Most of the things I kept were books — the ones that I had to pre-order before release and the ones that got me lining up to buy.

I stored things that I could still reuse like old stationery. I also got to organize my important documents and keep them in folders and envelopes. (And my old notes and scrapbooks were revisited which cost me an hour or two of decluttering.)

And then there were these things I decided to throw away — scratch papers with scribbles I don’t even remember making, old receipts from years-old purchases, less than an inch pieces of pastel crayons and many more.

But just when I thought throwing away was difficult, selling was way more difficult.

An impulse-bought keyboard.

Books I stopped reading because I didn’t like the plot.

An old e-reader.

A polaroid camera I had no intention of using anymore.

These were just some of the things that got into the “Sell” box.

And so, I took pictures and videos of the items and sold them on a local web-based marketplace. Setting prices based on my own judgment, I posted the items.

It only took less than an hour before I sold my first item. The rush I felt was overwhelming. It was like the hours I spent on decluttering finally paid off.

The deliveries weren’t even a hassle. I booked deliveries online and the next day, someone would pick up my items with a printed waybill. All I had to do was give my item, and it would be packed right in front of me.

That was it! It kept coming. One sold item after another. Deliveries after deliveries. I got multiple offers over the weekend and sold more than half of the items I posted online.

I realized how amazing it was to be living in an era of advanced technology and e-commerce.

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