Hi, I’m Joe!

I’m a well-caffeinated introvert, a full-fledged Potterhead and a book-smart KPop fan.

Also a 100% Asian writer who has trouble writing with eating as a hobby.

A writer is a person for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.

Thomas Mann

Welcome to The Joe Diary!

My mind palace is a library of books and catalogs. And this is me sharing the bottom shelves.

  • Covid and how it changed me
    It’s been almost three months since I got sick from Covid-19. But the journey I had, the trauma, the sleepless nights, the fear – everything’s still fresh. Everything still feels as if it happened yesterday that I still cry about it. Sometimes, I beat myself by overthinking. How come I haven’t gotten over this yet? I’ve healed, and I’m safe, and so is my family. …
  • Keep going.
    Keep going even when you doubt yourself. Every single on of us must have had doubts whether we’ve got what it takes to get through the day or not. And yet, here we are. Still thriving, still surviving. You’ve proved yourself wrong already. Many many times before. You thought you were incapable of the unimaginable, but you surprise yourself again and again when you overcome …
  • A letter to my friends for when I seem distant
    Dear friends, if I haven’t told you anything that’s heartbreaking or crippling, it is not because I don’t trust you or find your support unhelpful. And it’s not because I don’t value our friendship. Forgive me if and when this happens. It simply means I am not ready to talk about my feelings, and my heart is just not ready. I hope you’ll understand me. …
  • Today is the day you chase your dreams, not tomorrow.
    Stop waiting for tomorrow. Stop waiting for tomorrow when you’re about to chase your dreams. Chase them now. There’s no reason to wait for the day when you make the first step closer to your dreams. We don’t always have to start big. We can start small. The first step doesn’t always have to be a life-changing leap. Because chasing your dreams doesn’t work that …
  • 10 things I want to let go by the time I reach 30
    In a recent conversation I had with a friend who just turned 30, she asked me what were the things I would want to let go of when I reach that certain age. I wasn’t able to answer her and just brushed off the question like it didn’t matter. But as I was spending some alone time in my room, I got to thinking. Do …

If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.

Stephen King