Let go of the person who confuses you.

Letting go is easier said than done. Letting go can hurt you. Big time. But it’s better to let go and hurt now, than suffer all the harm and consequences after. Let go of the person who makes you feel special today, and guessing the next day. Loving you shouldn’t be a temporary decision. Loving you shouldn’t be taken lightly. Let go of the person … Continue reading Let go of the person who confuses you.

People leave.

The truth is, people leave. People come and go. People will walk in and out of your life for one reason or another. And that’s just the cycle of human relationships. We, humans, are social beings. We connect through friendship and love. And with this, we’ll continue to experience breakups and endings. It’s inevitable, it’s reality. There are many reasons as to why people leave. … Continue reading People leave.